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NEW! How gender bias inhibits progress and what leaders can do about it

Amy Diehl
Ms. Magazine
August 18, 2021

Innovation requires a diversity of thought and perspective. Women must be equitably represented in our industries and barriers to their full participation eliminated.

‘Guys’ is not gender neutral–let’s stop using it like it is

Amy Diehl
Fast Company
April 27, 2021

We can all help the English language evolve towards inclusivity by eliminating the usage of “guys” when referring to people who are not male gender.

We need to stop ‘untitling’ and ‘uncredentialing’ professional women

Amy Diehl & Leanne Dzubinski
Fast Company
January 22, 2021

We propose new terms for an old practice of omitting titles for women while using them for men that diminishes women’s authority and credibility.

We need to talk about using pet names for women at work

Amy Diehl & Leanne Dzubinski
Fast Company
October 29, 2020

Pet names like “missy,” “kiddo,” and “girl” aren’t cute or funny. Language like this in the workplace is unprofessional and sexist.

3 ways to mitigate gender bias in higher ed technology departments


Amy Diehl
University Business
Feb 4, 2020

Unconscious bias and invisible barriers embedded in organizational cultures constrain opportunities for women. Higher education technology departments are not immune. This article presents three ways leaders can mitigate gender bias in their higher education IT departments.