Unconscious gender bias research highlighted by Biola Univ

Amy Diehl at Omega
Amy Diehl presents research on unconscious gender bias at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Biola University posted a nice summary of the unconscious gender bias research which Leanne Dzubinski (Biola) and me, along with Amber Stephenson (Clarkson University) presented at the International Leadership Association Women and Leadership Affinity Group Conference in Rhinebeck, NY last month. We presented our newest work in which we are developing an index to measure unconscious gender bias. We have collected survey data from women leaders in healthcare, faith-based organizations and higher education. We are currently analyzing our data. In the open-ended survey questions, we sought to gain new insights into our previously-defined gender barriers. We have tentatively identified a new gender barrier (that would make 28!) and have gained new insights into a few of those already identified. Stay tuned. We will be speaking about and publishing our results!

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